Integrated Logistics Support (ILS)

In an era of continually shrinking defense budgets, implementation of innovative state-of-the-art techniques need to be pursued to gain efficiencies to ensure each defense dollar is spent in the most cost-effective manner. RDSI has been supporting ILS and CM programs for twenty plus years and fully understand their contribution to the Department of Defense (DoD) objectives and goals, as well as the need to continually implement new processes and procedures that yield efficiencies of operation.

RDSI's life-cycle approach to providing ILS and CM for management, engineering, and technical areas is incorporated throughout all phases of the acquisition process: Preacquisition (Milestone A); Systems Acquisition (Milestones B and C); and, Sustainment. We understand that the new DoD acquisition strategies developed in consonance with the policies and procedures of the defense systems acquisition process. As systems acquired and employed by the DoD become more complex in nature, and the inherent reliability and maintainability factors increase, our team is poised to meet the challenges to develop the tools and identify the resources required to depart from the traditional business model and implement innovative and effective supportability engineering techniques. In order to provide a level of support that will ensure that system readiness is never compromised, it is necessary that the acquisition and life cycle process be performed by a recognized team with a history of proven ILS and CM success stories.